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New in Le foucaldien: "Fact-Checking and Truth-Telling in an Age of Alternative Facts" by Linda Zerilli

New in Le foucaldien: "Foucault on Correspondence as a Technique of the Self" by Toby Svoboda

New in Le foucaldien: "Cooperation and Critique in Neuroscience: Loops of Feedback Between Philosophy, the Psy Sciences and Neurophenomenology" by Cornelius Borck

New in Le foucaldien: "From Foucauldian Biopower to Infopower and Energopower" by Kirsten Sophie Hasberg

New in Le foucaldien: "'Nietzsche', 'Perspektivismus', 'Postfaktizität': Drei Perspektiven" by Jakob Dellinger

CfP: Critical Genealogies Workshop at the University of Richmond, October 23-24, 2020

Konferenz "Foucault franco-allemand" an der Science Po, Paris