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topic: post-truth

New in Le foucaldien: "Latour Foucault and Post-Truth: The Role and Function of Critique in the Era of the Truth Crisis" by Matthias Flatscher and Sergej Seitz

New in Le foucaldien: "Algorithmic Decision-Making Spectrogenic Profiling and Hyper-Facticity in the Age of Post-Truth" by Richard Weiskopf

New in Le foucaldien: "Fact-Checking and Truth-Telling in an Age of Alternative Facts" by Linda Zerilli

New in Le foucaldien: "'Nietzsche' 'Perspektivismus' 'Postfaktizität': Drei Perspektiven" by Jakob Dellinger

New in Le foucaldien: "Should Critique be Tamed by Realism? A Defense of Radical Critiques of Reason" by Frieder Vogelmann

Neu in Le foucaldien: "Latour Foucault und das Postfaktische" von Matthias Flatscher und Sergej Seitz