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topic: genealogy

Le foucaldien relaunched as GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE

New in Le foucaldien: a research paper by Filip Buekens on a Truth-minimalist Reading of Foucault

CfP: Fourth Meeting of the Critical Genealogies Workshop

New in Le foucaldien: Review article on Frieder Vogelmann's "Fragmente eines Willens zum Wissen" (2020) by Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson

New in Le foucaldien: "Genealogy of Algorithms: Datafication as Transvaluation" by Virgil W. Brower

New in Le foucaldien: "The Nature of Our Becoming: Genealogical Perspectives" by Anne Sauka

From Foucauldian Biopower to Energopower and Infopower: An Interview with Dominic Boyer and Colin Koopman

New in Le foucaldien: "'Nietzsche' 'Perspektivismus' 'Postfaktizität': Drei Perspektiven" by Jakob Dellinger

CfP: Critical Genealogies Workshop at the University of Richmond October 23-24 2020

Japanese translation of Simon Ganahl's interview with Erkki Huhtamo:
"From Media Archaeology to Media Genealogy"

Des Similitudes entre Foucault et Heidegger:
Une Approximation entre Dispositif et Gestell

Vergangenheitspolitik als Exitstrategie: Agamben liest (immer noch) Foucault

Thanasis Lagios: Foucauldian Genealogy and Maoism (Abstract of the conference "Historicizing Foucault" in Zurich presentation on March 20 2015)

"tertium non datur"

Andere Körper: Foucault die Heterotopien die Schnittstellen

Anti-Humanismus und Politik. Die "historische Möglichkeit" der Diskursanalyse

"It's All in the Game" (The Wire)