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New in Le foucaldien: "Festhalten am Menschen: Jean Amérys Kritik an Michel Foucault" by Lukas Brandl

New essay: "Coronavirus and Responsibilization" by Todor Hristov

New in Le foucaldien: "Does Foucault Have a Published Œuvre?" by William A.B. Parkhurst

New in Le foucaldien: "Latour, Foucault, and Post-Truth: The Role and Function of Critique in the Era of the Truth Crisis" by Matthias Flatscher and Sergej Seitz

New in Le foucaldien: "Jésus le Cynique? Un aspect notable du Courage de la vérité de Michel Foucault" by Ákos Cseke

New in Le foucaldien: "The Nature of Our Becoming: Genealogical Perspectives" by Anne Sauka

Philipp Sarasin on Foucault and the Coronavirus Pandemic