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New in G+C: Anna Weithaler and Michaela Bstieler on the Paradox of Solidarity

This essay reviews Lea Susemichel and Jens Kastner's co-edited book Unbedingte Solidarität (Unconditional Solidarity), which was published in 2021. Countering identitarian notions of "community solidarity," the contributions to the volume rethink solidarity based on the concepts of alterity, difference, and inequality. The editors' own conceptual proposal of unconditional solidarity does not, however, determine the relation of the unconditional to the conditions of solidarity. Picking out four articles, we show that, as a result, two readings of the concept of the unconditional are possible, which differ in their respective potential for democratization: the (a) moderate reading attempts to conclusively establish unconditional solidarity; the (b) radical reading understands unconditional solidarity as that which urges us to rework the field of the conditional again and again, without there ever being an end to this process.

Weithaler, Anna and Michaela Bstieler. "Das Paradox der Solidarität: Rezension zu Lea Susemichels und Jens Kastners Unbedingte Solidarität." Genealogy+Critique 9, no. 1 (2023): 1–14. DOI: 10.16995/gc.10924

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