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New in G+C: Review by Simon Ganahl on "Foucault, the Digital Humanities, the Method"

Matthew Ratzloff: DEC PDP-12 (June 29, 2013),

Starting from a review of the book Foucault, digital published by Bernhard J. Dotzler and Henning Schmidgen in 2022, Simon Ganahl deals with the question of how Michel Foucault's theoretical and methodological concepts can be operationalized in digital humanities research. He takes a critical stance on the assumption that discourse analysis is a quantitative, "big data" method and makes the case for translating the concept of the dispositive into qualitative digital projects. Finally, his review relates Foucault's late works on governmentality and self-care to post-phenomenology and interaction design, advocating theorization by building digital tools and platforms.

Ganahl, Simon. "Foucault, the Digital Humanities, the Method." Genealogy+Critique 9, no. 1 (2023): 1–13. DOI: 10.16995/gc.10313

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