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New in Le foucaldien: "Ist eine nicht-anthropozentrische Soziologie denkbar?" by Gustav Roßler

Can we imagine a sociology that is not anthropocentric? This paper deals with sociology as a human science of the 19th century as Foucault describes it in Les mots et les choses. How can the anthropological structure of sociology be defined more specifically? The paper argues that it is characterized by four features: human consciousness as agency of the social, marginalization of things, man as empirico-transcendental doublet, and sociologism. The author discusses Latour's non-anthropocentric sociology as an alternative draft of social theory and specifies the difference between the concepts of modernity used by Latour and Foucault.

Gustav Roßler: "Ist eine nicht-anthropozentrische Soziologie denkbar? Die Soziologie als anthropologische Humanwissenschaft bei Foucault und Latours Gegenentwurf", in: Le foucaldien, 4/1 (2018), DOI:

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