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Do you want the good news or the good news first?
1. Le foucaldien is online! 2. The foucaultblog stays online!

We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the peer-reviewed open access journal Le foucaldien, published by the Open Library of Humanities from September 1, 2017. Le foucaldien is a spin-off from the G+C Blog, which was founded by a group of humanities scholars at the University of Zurich in 2013. The motives for launching the journal were to further professionalize the publication process, make the contributions digitally sustainable, and broaden the scope. As we migrated several research papers from the G+C Blog, Le foucaldien was able to start with thirty published articles as well as two completed and two ongoing special issues. Hence 2017 will already be the third volume of the journal.

Le foucaldien publishes interdisciplinary research along the lines of the philosopher and historian Michel Foucault (1926–1984) in English, German, and French. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy credits Foucault with being "the author most frequently cited in the humanities" at the beginning of the 21st century, but his concepts are challenged in emerging fields such as media studies, digital humanities, post-colonialism, new materialism, and science and technology studies. Hence the main focus of Le foucaldien lies on updating and operationalizing Foucauldian approaches (and sometimes going beyond them) in preferably plain language.

The journal's publisher, the Open Library of Humanities (OLH), is a not-for-profit charity financed by an international consortium of libraries. Due to its non-commercial business model, the OLH does not charge any author fees. Le foucaldien's articles are double-blind peer reviewed, published under a cc-by open access license, indexed in all major databases, and archived long-term in HTML, PDF, and XML. The journal is edited by Maurice Erb, Simon Ganahl, and Patrick Kilian, who are assisted by Oriane Petteni and supported by an editorial board of highly renowned scholars. For details on the submission process, please visit Le foucaldien's website.

The G+C Blog will of course continue to exist, but unlike our established practice, we won't publish extensive research papers and special issues any longer. On the one hand, the G+C Blog will regularly post announcements around the activities of Le foucaldien and the Foucauldian community in general; and on the other hand, we will go on to publish shorter essays, interventions, and commentaries by external authors. While Le foucaldien is positioned as a high-quality journal for substantial research along Foucauldian lines, the G+C Blog is an explicitly open platform unfolding a digital space for more experimental and subjective forms of writing. Further details can be found in the editorial.

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